Rhonda Lee Quaresma
5ft 1in

122 lbs

Dec 11, 1968

Marital Status

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Personal Trainer


RhondaLee is an IFBB pro, a title earned by winning the overall Canadian Championships and on her first attempt on the National stage, a feat rarely accomplished in Female Bodybuilding history!

Before this she had a perfect competitive amateur record of first place titles in every show she did! She did but one Pro show and as life sometimes throws you curve balls, she was positioned as such to step back from the bodybuilding stage. This was the JanTana classic where she placed 13th out of 28 women from around the world, and although she did not win this one, she still attained her highest success of progress in building her physique, looking better than she had ever! And crazy strong! And the joy and amazement of being on such a stage with some women she had admired for years... well for RhondaLee, 'this is one of my greatest and forever happy and monumental moments in my life!'

Shortly thereafter her gains had to level out and ironically what could have been a devastating blow turned out to be a benefit! In downsizing, she became very marketable and unique! Seems the combination of sexy, beautiful, sculpted yet feminine muscles have often deemed her "the world's sexiest bodybuilder!"

Along with this, she continues a successful career in personal training often pulling out winners like herself, she still represents as an athlete in general after many years, as well as models, entertains and dances all around North America and soon to explore Europe... this is what defines RhondaLee a 'Performance Artist'!

Rhonda Lee Quaresma

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