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Seth Feroce
5ft 5in

202 lbs

Nov 21, 1984

Marital Status

New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States of America

IFBB Pro & Team MuscleTech Superstar


As a talented athlete in high school, Seth excelled in both football and wrestling due in part to his extreme work ethic and determination. One year after wrestling season ended, Seth's father took him to a local gym and changed his world forever. With pictures of local bodybuilders lining the gym walls and the feeling of a true hardcore gym pulsing through his body, it soon became apparent to Seth what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. After that day in the gym, Seth dedicated his life to the pursuit of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

In November of 2009, after only 2 prior competitions, this lifelong dream became a reality as Seth dominated the light-heavyweight class at the Nationals and earned his IFBB Pro card. What made this accomplishment even more astonishing is the fact that Seth won his pro card within the first year he started competing!

Sporting incredibly thick wheels, wide shoulders and massive arms, Seth's potential for greatness is limitless. His sights are set on dominating the 202 ranks of the IFBB and judging by his contest history, he's sure to make his mark in the very near future.

Seth Feroce

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